Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring Chicken

Wow, I've been away for a while. After having such a wonderful dinner in Montreal for my birthday earlier this month at Europea and being pretty busy as well, my meals at home have been either very boring, or very sparse (i.e. I've been eating take-out more).

This week, though, I did make a quick meal that was not fancy, but pretty. Just a light mixed salad with sauteed chicken thighs in a balsamic sauce. I've been on an anti-carb mood lately, mostly due to the very rich meals I had earlier in the month and feeling bloated, having less time to cook, and the light spring weather.

I bought a large box of spring mix for the first time too, which has forced me to eat salads like every day. I also bought a bunch of avocado as well, which motivates my hunger for salad. I love avocado.

I'm already beginning to feel the grilling urge coming on. Can't wait for corn cobs to be in season, and the fresh lobsters to go on sale!